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Osborn (2011) TPB: Evil Incarcerated

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BEN OLIVER BIG TIME HITS SPIDER-MAN'S GREATEST ENEMY! The world's most dangerous felon is in the world's top supermax prison - an institution so secret even the vice president doesn't know it exists. But can any cell contain Norman Osborn?

After the events of SIEGE, the former Green Goblin, Iron Patriot and power-mad director of worldwide security isn't allowed to have a toothbrush - and he's surrounded by the world's deadliest criminals.

Lucky for Osborn, they're fans. Rising stars Kelly Sue DeConnick (SIF) and Emma Rios (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) throw Osborn in the darkest hole the public's never seen! Featuring a bonus story written by Warren Ellis (THUNDERBOLTS)!

Collecting OSBORN #1-5.

Format: Tradepaperback
Sprache: englisch
schwarzweiß/Farbe: Farbe

Osborn (2011) TPB: Evil Incarcerated

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