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Shazam! (2012) TPB: Origins

Mehr Artikel von: DC Comics

Brought to the feet of the magical wizard Shazam at the Rock of Eternity, Billy Batson is imbued with powers beyond any mortal man. By shouting the wizard's name - Shazam! - the young teen is mystically transformed into the powerhouse known as Captain Marvel! Now given abilities that make him Earth's Mightiest Mortal at the utterance of a simple phrase, will Billy make the right choices and do what it takes to become a hero? Or will he succumb to the poor choices of youth-and the villainous Black Adam? Collects Justice League #0 and 21 and backup stories from issues #7-11, 14-16 and 18-20 with a photo cover from the upcoming Warner Bros. film starring Zachary Levi!

Format: Sammelband (Softcover)
Sprache: englisch
schwarzweiß/Farbe: Farbe
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