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Amazing Spider-Man (2015) Worldwide TPB 04

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Going global means a world of problems for the wall-crawler! First, there's an accident to deal with at Parker Industries. How far will Peter Parker go to save his employees - both as CEO and as Spider-Man?

Meanwhile, stand-in Spidey--the Prowler--meets the shocking, all-new Electro! Then, the moment you've been waiting for: Doctor Octopus has been trapped in the Living Brain's body for too long--now it's time for him to act! And when someone in Peter's orbit dies, he must once again choose between his personal life and the responsibility of being Spider-Man--and that choice won't go well for him!

Plus: both sides of a special tale setting the scene for the sensational Spider-Event 'Dead No More'!

Amazing Spider-Man #16-19 + material from FCBD 2016 Captain America #1

Sprache: englisch
schwarzweiß/Farbe: Farbe

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