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Dark Reign: The Underside TPB

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Three action-packed mini-series jammed into one incredible collection. In Lethal Legion, Find out what happens to the villains who don’t make it on Norman Osborn’s list of acceptable allies. Grim Reaper, Mr. Hyde, Absorbing Man, Nekra, and Man-Ape are about to find out when their cooperative of crime lands on the wrong side of Norman's law - but they're not going down without a fight. In Mister Negative, Spider-Man’s most mysterious new enemy takes center stage. But when The Hood strikes at the heart of Mr. Negative’s criminal operations with a whole horde of classic Arachno-Foes (including The Scorcher, Speed Demon, The Squid and the long awaited return of the White Rabbit), Spider-Man is left to clean up the mess between the two violent nemeses. And in Zodiac, Norman Osborn may be running the show, but not every super-villain is going to accept the new world order. But who – or what -- is ZODIAC? Collecting DARK REIGN: LETHAL LEGION #1-3, DARK REIGN: ZODIAC #1-3 and DARK REIGN: MISTER NEGATIVE #1-3.

Format: Tradepaperback
Sprache: englisch
schwarzweiß/Farbe: Farbe

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