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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – The 40th Anniversary Covers by Chris Sprouse (2024) 01

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Celebrate four decades of Return of the Jedi by reliving the original trilogy’s thrilling climax in a brand-new way! Acclaimed artist Chris Sprouse (BLACK PANTHER, THORS) retells the events of the film across forty highly sought-after variant covers. Each one tells a chapter of the familiar story: Princess Leia and the rebels make a daring bid to rescue their friend Han Solo from the ruthless Jabba the Hutt! Luke Skywalker learns another shocking family secret! With a devastating second Death Star close to completion, a thrilling battle breaks out on the nearby forest moon of Endor, home of the Ewoks! And get ready for Luke’s unforgettable showdown with Darth Vader and the Emperor—as you’ve never seen it before!

Format: Heft
Sprache: englisch
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