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Extermination (2018) TPB

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Cyclops. Iceman. Angel. Beast. Marvel Girl. The original X-Men assembled by Professor X years ago were brought to the present to find a world they barely recognized but were determined to help. Now mutantkind's future lies squarely in the hands of its past! With Ahab hunting the young mutants, and an unexpected yet familiar face targeting them for his own mysterious agenda, the present-day X-Men are called to arms to protect the original five. If even one of them perishes, the future is lost. But how many - and who - will die protecting them? To safeguard the timeline, the X-Men must risk everything to answer the biggest question of all: Can the original five's fate be changed?
Collecting EXTERMINATION #1-5, plus the EXTERMINATION stinger pages.

Format: Heft
Sprache: englisch
schwarzweiß/Farbe: Farbe
128 Seiten

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