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Spectro (2022) One-Shot

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A Quartet of Quintessential Horror Tales from the Multi-Talented Juan Doe - Presented in a Single Prestige-Format One Shock!

SPECTRO explores the unnerving spectrum of fear through four terrifying stories rooted in a cosmic game of twisted karma and phantasmagoric terror:

1. What is at stake when sentient technology manipulates a man with projections of his desired self?

2. What are the consequences of excommunicating a member of the "nine" planets?

3. What is discovered when an explorer travels to Mars to ascend the tallest mountain in the solar system?

4. What happens when a scientist aboard the International Space Station is confronted with the most horrifying aspects of humankind?

In what realm of fear do these stories exist? SPECTRO.

Written and illustrated by Juan Doe (BAD RECEPTION, DARK ARK, ANIMOSITY: THE RISE), SPECTRO is a horror anthology from deep within the recesses of the mind of one of comics' most prolific talents!

Format: Album (Softcover)
Sprache: englisch
Seiten: 48
schwarzweiß/Farbe: farbig

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