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Cinema Purgatorio (2016) 10

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Who doesn't have fond memories from their youth of sneaking into the theater to see a movie they were too young to view? But in this world of Alan Moore's surreal cinema, viewing those features can be hazardous to your sanity. Hiding in the back of the dark theater you wait for the feature to start and the ushers to leave? but something is horribly wrong. The air is so dusty it's hard to breathe and you feel like something is watching you. This is where the madness begins. Join a master class of horror creators as they spin stories to terrify and delight. Now showing: Cinema Purgatorio by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, A More Perfect Union by Max Brooks and German Ponce, Code Pru by Garth Ennis and Raulo Caceres, Modded by Kieron Gillen and Nahuel Lopez, and The Vast by Christos Gage and Gabriel Andrade.

Format: Prestige
Sprache: englisch
schwarzweiß/Farbe: s/w
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