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Yoshitaka Amano's Hero 1: Party of One

Mehr Artikel von: Boom! Studios

Now, at last, HERO is ready to be released! One of the most acclaimed and award-winning artists of his time, Yoshitaka Amano debuts his first American comics project since Sandman: The Dream Hunters and Elektra-Wolverine: The Redeemer. One of the original concept artists for the Final Fantasy series of video games, along with creation and design of characters such as Vampire Hunter D and Gatachman (known as G-Force, or Battle of the Planets in the United States), Amano now focuses his creative vision on his own creation Hero! In Hero Chapter One: From New York to Paris, he searches for the woman whose love he has never doubted, Hero crosses history and continents. Hero needs to know the reasons why his beloved Lady begs his forgiveness, and only by following her from Parisian cemeteries, to the Las Vegas strip and to Kyoto, can he hope to discover the truth - not only of his own love story but also of his Lady's betrayal. Accompanied by Victor Noir, an assassinated Napoleonic truth-teller, and tormented at every turn by Rudra, a shape-shifting mischievous demon, Hero seeks out his forgotten past. Featuring lavish, full-page illustrations, accompanied by text by writer Jessie Horstig, Hero is at last complete and ready to debut, appealing to comic fans, fiction readers, and manga enthusiasts alike. (BOOM!)

Genre: Fantasy
Format: kleinformatiges Album (Hardcover)
Sprache: englisch
Seiten: 96
schwarzweiß/Farbe: Farbe
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