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Fangoria (2018) 15 (363)

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FANGORIA is a quarterly magazine covering the horror film genre since 1979. FANGORIA relaunched in October 2018 as a quarterly collectible with in-depth interview with filmmakers, as well as retrospectives and columns by those in the horror film business.

Here’s what you’ll find inside FANGORIA's #15 issue for April 2022: 

  • Fango veteran Abbie Bernstein returns to our pages to discuss the practical FX at the heart of the latest chapter of the Jurassic World saga, Dominion.
  • Fango is also celebrating the magic of practical FX with a piece on the legendary FX pioneer Phil Tippett, and his decades-long journey to bring his stop-motion masterpiece Mad God to fruition.
  • Fans may recognize Joe Lo Truglio for his comedic chops in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Wet Hot American Summer, and Reno 911!, but in this issue, Joe shares a first look at his feature directorial debut, the very-not-funny PTSD horror film Outpost.
  • Filmmaker Timo Tjahjanto is as known for his bone-splitting action as he is for his unsettling horror; Fango speaks with the director about riding that blurry line with his work.
  • Dog Soldiers is turning 20, and to commemorate this milestone, we speak with the filmmakers behind the British horror actioner who share never-before-seen photos from the film.
  • “Gateway horror” is a real buzzy phrase these days, and filmmaker Tibor Takács chats about the enchanting inspirations behind one of the seminal films in that canon, the aptly titled The Gate, which also celebrates its 35th anniversary this spring.

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