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Little Nemo in Slumberland HC 2: Many more splendid Sundays!

One of the most difficult things about publishing our first Little Nemo in Slumberland volume was trying to limit the selection to only 100 Sunday pages for the Centennial edition. In fact, we couldn't, so we ended up with 109 pages. One of the best things about that book's unequivocal and unanticipated success is the opportunity to restore and reprint another volume of Splendid Sundays, a volume to include some of those other wonderful pages.

The newspaper pages presented here include two incredible adventures from the first Little Nemo series (1905 - 1911) and a sampler of the best Sunday pages from the other two incarnations of Winsor McCay's timeless classic. In the Land of Wonderful Dreams was published from 1911 - 1914 and Little Nemo in Slumberland ran again from 1924 - 1927. The total series spans over twenty years and contains nearly 500 pages. Once again, we had to choose: this time we selected 120 Sundays.

When dealing with a collection of material this old, there are always wide variations among pages in the printing inks, color separation, and paper quality. These differences become magnified because of the time span of the work, different newspapers, and changing print processes. Restoration is a complex effort as we strive for continuity and a common appearance of these strips through the years.

As with previous Sunday Press titles, our goal is to recreate the experience of reading the Sunday comic pages as they originally appeared a century ago. Most of the natural flaws that appeared in the original form, such as off-register colors, ink smudges and paper imperfections, can still be seen. Those imperfections that have come about through time or neglect: stains, tears, and excessive yellowing have been digitally repaired. The paper for this book is uncoated woodfree, selected to duplicate the way colors appeared on newsprint, but without newsprint's ephemeral characteristics.

The result is another opportunity to enjoy Little Nemo in Slumberland as it was intended to be seen. Again, for the first time.

Format: überformatiges Album (Hardcover), 42x54cm (Zeitungsgrösse)
Sprache: englisch
schwarzweiß/Farbe: s/w & Farbe

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