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Waltz with Bashir (UK Edition)

Winner of a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film

Winner of Best Foreign Independent Film at British Independent Film Awards

The universally acclaimed animated feature film is now a profoundly original, and visually stunning graphic novel. Waltz with Bashir is destined to become a classic of wartime testimony.

One night in Beirut in September 1982, Christian militia members entered the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and began to massacre the inhabitants, as Israeli soldiers secured the area. Ari Folman was one of those Israeli soldiers, but for more than twenty years he remembered nothing of that night or of the weeks leading up to it. But when an old friend and comrades recounts to him a recurring nightmare of their involvement in the war, Folman sets out on a quest to answer the crucial question: what was he doing during the slaughter?

Gradually, recollections accumulate until Folman arrives at Sabra and Shatila and his investigation reaches its terrible end. The result is a gripping reconstruction, a probing inquiry into the unreliable quality of memory, and, above all, a powerful denunciation of the terrible senselessness of wars.

‘A mesmerizing journey into the subconscious of a nation. Animation has rarely been so dark, potent, seductive and downright menacing. Absolutely unmissable.’ Mariella Frostrup, Harpers Bazaar

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Waltz with Bashir (UK Edition)

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