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Clyde Fans (1999) HC im Schuber

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Twenty years in the making, legendary Canadian cartoonist Seth's landmark series Clyde Fans shows the rituals, hopes, and delusions of a middle-class that has long ceased to exist in North America. Abe and Simon Matchcard are brothers, the second generation struggling to save their archaic family business. Much like the myth of an ever-growing economy, their family unit is a fraud-the patriarch has abandoned the business to mismatched sons, one who strives to keep the business afloat and the other who retreats into the arms of the remaining parent. Presented in a deluxe slipcase edition, Clyde Fans is an epic time capsule of a storyline that begs rereading.

Format: kleinformatiges Album (Hardcover) im Schuber
Sprache: englisch
schwarzweiß/Farbe: Farbe
ca. 500 Seiten
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