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Popeye: The E.C. Segar Sundays (2021) HC 01: Olive Oyl & Her Sweety - March 1930 - February 1932

Mehr Artikel von: Fantagraphics Books

Well, blow me down! This new four-volume series collects the complete run of the original Popeye Sunday newspaper page adventures in an accessible and affordable paperback format! Part slapstick, tongue-twisting comedy, part escapist, Depression-era fantasy, part tenderhearted yet tumultuous romance, Elsie Crisler Segar's newspaper comic strip captivated readers of the Roaring Twenties and beyond. And Popeye, the sailor man, was the unlikely start of the show. Fantagraphics is thrilled to bring Segar's whimsical world back into print, reviving the origins of the beloved spinach-eating American icon for a whole new readership. The E.C. Segar Popeye Sundays series collects the complete Popeye Sunday stories in four gorgeous full-color volumes,
each packaged in a deluxe slipcase. Volume one highlights Popeye's riotous romance with his sweet patootie - Olive Oyl. As he courts Olive in comically clumsy fashion, she proves that her sharp wit runs rings around his muddled brain! Next, he becomes a prizefighter and must contend with a series of fearsome opponents, from Johnny Brawn to a literal gorilla.
Once outside the ring, however, his ferocity turns to sweet sentiment, and he gives away all his winnings to poor widows, old folks, and orphanages. Featuring laughout-loud gags, sensational slugfests, and endearing cast of characters, this revival of classic Popeye adventures will captivate stalwart fans and new readers alike.
E.C. Segar (1894-1938) was an American cartoonist known for creating Popeye, the star of his comic series Thimble Theatre.

Format: Album (Hardcover)
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